We live in a digital age. Let’s be honest, the Yellow Pages have been on their way out for years. The same holds true for paper maps, etc. This digital revolution is continuing to expand and take over entire industries. Heck, the taxi industry was disrupted within a few short years due to companies like Uber and Lyft revolutionizing the process of grabbing a drive to somewhere.

Now, this brings up an interesting question. In a world of digital attention and notice, how are you going to standout? A huge factor I was just talking to my co-founders the other day is photography. It sounds too simple to be true but it is. These days, when someone is looking online for something, they’re assessing over a dozen little factors about a company.

Of course, this varies based on the niche or the product, but let’s take clothes for example. You might be shopping on Amazon.com or AngeliqueLingerie.com for a new costume for Halloween. You’ll need a bunch of photos to be confident in your purchase. What if there was just one? Or none for that matter? You’d never buy. A huge part of this conversion rate process is the photo, and liking it.


That’s why listings have dozens of photos, or photos of the product in many situations. Since it’s a digital store, you’re not able to pick it up, try it on, make sure it’s made of quality material, etc. You need to do the same thing by assessing it online, and photography is hugely important. The first place to start is with your lighting. Lighting is crucial. Plenty of it and nothing too harsh. If you have to shoot outside, shoot closest to dusk, dawn, or in the shade. Harsh light ruins shots.

And, finally, make sure you have plenty of shots to choose from. Get your product into as many interesting situations as possible and make sure the potential buyer would be in those situations. It’s also a good idea these days to offer free shipping and returns, since most people will want to try something on before they’re super happy with it (of course it has to fit, duh). Anyways, these are just a couple of tips to help you take better photos, and realize why it’s so important.